Testimonials on Digital Marketing

Vikrant Singh
Vikrant SinghMarketing manager | Channel sales and Operations Manager
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You rarely come across such humble and supportive personality like Lakshmi mam and I was lucky to have her as a mentor in my Digital Marketing certification course. She designed the course curriculum in such a way that one can learn and practice digital marketing concepts simultaneously. I was benefitted holistically by her mentorship and enjoyed my course thoroughly.
Sujesh J Unnithan
Sujesh J UnnithanDeputy Manager
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I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts that Lakshmi Ma'am has taken to manage a team of students from different background. She is very much encouraging and motivating person who clearly explains the queries of students with plethora of illustrations. She is very hardworking and a good team leader who makes sure that the sessions are engaging. I wish ma'am all the success in her career.
Vikram Kongara
Vikram KongaraDeputy Marketing Manager
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Lakshmi is someone who listens to learn while sharing her experiences to empower others. She motivates and nurtures her team with mentorship. She also treats everyone with respect, and always made herself available to anyone who needed support or guidance. I've been lucky enough to have mentoring from Lakshmi and her ideas, experience and knowledge are priceless.
Abhishek Prasad Nonia
Abhishek Prasad NoniaMarketing Hustler
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"Lakshmi Mam is a Gifted Negotiator with a rare Combination of Patience, Spunk, and Research Skills" I 've seen her not only excel at the core element of her job----but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role ,like email marketing ,event planning and even championing our company's internal communications.
Rajan Kumar
Rajan KumarCo-Founder | Freelance Designer
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Few months ago I enrolled in digital marketing courses where I found Lakshmi mam as a mentor, Her training skill is AWESOME, important thing is she is managing different background students at a time.
Sourav Jyoti Kalita
Sourav Jyoti KalitaCo-Founder and Digital Marketing Strategist
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I am writing to recommend Lakshmi Bhaskar. She taught me for 2 months as a Digital marketing course instructor. I was her student. As a teacher, Lakshmi Bhaskar was always informed and friendly. During her time with us, she managed to get the best out of all of us. Lakshmi is a delight to learn from and in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to learn from her again. .
Wasimbari K
Wasimbari KArea sales manager
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Miss Lakshmi is a great knowledgeable & articulate Trainer in the Digital marketing domain, I had great Practical experience & precise understanding of the training module , she has always been motivating and inspiring.
Ranjith Kumar
Ranjith KumarTechnical Executive
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Lakshmi is a good mentor for interactive learning and knowledge sharing. She always came forward to clarify your difficulties and develop your skills and knowledge. I really appreciate her efforts towards encouragement and guidance towards others in a good manner.
Nikhil Anival
Nikhil AnivalSocial Media Enthusiast
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Lakshmi ma'am taught in a beautiful way for all of us about Digital marketing. As i learnt so many things about Digital marketing is all because of Lakshmi ma'am. And it was a good experience for me to learn about Digital marketing from her, And she is a good mentor. I recommend all the people out there who are willing to learn Digital marketing, and I'll confidently suggest you, people, to take a part of it and learn from her and you feel great after that. And I'm thanking Lakshmi ma'am for giving me the opportunity to open the door in the way to Digital marketing.
Smita Suhasaria
Smita SuhasariaFounder at BrainLabs Academy
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Lakshmi Mam was my mentor for digital marketing certification course. She has got the natural skill of managing students of different backgrounds and portfolios and getting the best out of them. Her expertise has helped us to come up with more efficient solutions for our projects. I am lucky to have a mentor like Lakshmi Mam.