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Helping your teams grow, to perform and achieve their best.

What We're All About

“The Learning Deck” (TLD) provides tailored learning solutions for corporates with overall business goals. We understand your industry landscape and business challenges.

Learn Something Every Day

As a tactical and knowledgeable leader, I have a strong background spanning 16+ years in directing high-performance teams and applying strategic business planning to further revenue growth.

I like to solve problems. Throughout my career, I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. I have been able to quickly uncover a customer’s pain point and identify a strategic solution.

My intellectual curiosity also drives me to be a lifelong learner.

With my refined skill set, I bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables organisations to innovate and thrive.


Our Vision

Who We Are

Make optimum utilisation of the prime resource - HOPE

TLD conducts need based, customized quality in-company training for client organizations. The training content, design and delivery methodology is designed as per the requirement and keeping the training objectives of client’s mind.

For our Corporate Clients, we connect the dots between their Organizational goals by imbibing the necessary learning requirements of the team.

We monitor, assess, implement and train teams on a wide range of technologies in the learning space.



Learning Technologies

What we do

Train Corporate Resource from the Best in the industry

The constantly evolving technologies for learning and development means organizations must have a technology plan that not only addresses today’s challenges but looks forward and anticipates future needs. The Learning Deck team of learning technology experts provide clients with a road map and solutions that meet their unique set of requirements.


We monitor, assess, implement and train teams on a wide range of technologies in the learning space. We have connected the dots between learning requirements and the technology infrastructure needed to support them.

TLD, with its advanced engineering insight into the art of the possible, provides a unique perspective on learning technology and consults with clients on ongoing decisions to make, buy and combine learning technologies. Our technology toolbox includes an array of best-in-class, commercially available solutions and custom built-platforms. Our main goal is find the solution that works best for you.

Our clients look for a diverse set of technology design, development and deployment requirements. Our global capabilities create an open and collaborative environment through which strategies and standards are globally owned and adopted, best practices and centers of excellence are shared and supported, and investments in building, buying and combining technologies are most effective and efficient.