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Vikrant Singh

Deputy Manager at Godrej & Boyce

You rarely come across such humble and supportive personality like Lakshmi mam and I was lucky to have her as a mentor in my Digital Marketing certification course. She designed the course curriculum in such a way that one can learn and practice digital marketing concepts simultaneously. I was benefitted holistically by her mentorship and enjoyed my course thoroughly.


I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts that Lakshmi Ma'am has taken to manage a team of students from different backgroud. she is very much encouraging and motivating person who clearly explains the queries of students with plethora of illustrations. She is very hardworking and a good team leader who makes sure that the sessions are engaging.

Sujesh J Unnithan

Deputy Manager - HDFC Life

Abhishek Prasad Nonia

Business hustler - Ayadhya

"Lakshmi Mam is a Gifted Negotiator with a rare Combination of Patience, Spunk, and Research Skills" I 've seen her not only excel at the core element of her job----but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role ,like email marketing ,event planning and even championing our company's internal communications.


I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Lakshmi for over 5 years and she has been a delight to work with. She is proactive, result oriented, technically sound on various IT technologies / certifications and their specifics from delivering a apt and successful training for Corporate as well as open house training. Being absolute focused approach and process driven, also a great learner keeping herself updated on upcoming technology. Lakshmi is well respected in corporate world for her technical ability to understand client's specific needs and tailor the training accordingly.

Ajit Sansare

Principal Consultant

Andre La Pierre

Training Consultant at Smartify

Lakshmi is an exceptional person - not just as a kind and obviously highly intelligent person, but with great business and organizational abilities and qualities. A complete pleasure to work with, correct and accurate and always kind and respectful to all involved. She understands the crucial role of customer relations, vision, integrity, ethics and the all-important concept of quality.


Lakshmi is an unstoppable engine of bright ideas that won't rest until her client is completely satisfied. Her creativity and drive to win make her successful in every venture. Her ability to understand the client pain points with true human concern ensures that anyone who comes to her with a problem will be well taken care of. Lakshmi's innate sense for the power and her love of new challenges make her the ideal consultant. For those already set up, she's also meticulous. You're in good hands with Lakshmi.

Rajeev Chandran

Solution Architect